The Daily Photo – Monday 4 September, 2023

concrete and steel old bridge over the otepuni stream invercargill

The old bridge.

If you follow my daily photo blog, or my other blog – AperturePriorityNZ – you’ll be well aware that I am a great fan of DxO Photolab and the Nik Collection.

Used together they can be used to create very satisfying images.

Well, in the last couple of weeks, DxO have released the Nik Collection v6.3, and for my money (not that I’ve bought it yet – I’m using the trial version) it is the best Nik Collection yet.

Today’s photo is one of the first images I’ve run through the latest version of Analog Efex Pro. I love it! And hope you do too.

(Panasonic Lumix G95 with 12-60 kit lens @ 57mm; (auto) ISO1000; f9; 1/125s; DxO PL6 & Nik Analog Efex v6)


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