The Daily Photo – Sunday 3 September, 2023

switzers church waikaia

Switzers Church.

The last thing we did before leaving Waikaia today was to head out to Switzers Church.

Switzers Church stands high on a hill about 3 kilometres up Winding Creek Road from the main township. The church, now in a sad state of disrepair, dates from the early 1860s when Waikaia was known as Switzers, and was a bustling gold mining town of about 2,000 people.

Today Waiakai is a rural service town and is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination.

And by the way – if you’re in Waikaia on a Friday or Saturday evening, then treat yourself to blue cod and chips from The Two Eggs food caravan at the entrance to the domain. They are the best!

(Panasonic G95; 12-60mm kit lens @ 25mm; ISO200; f9; 1/250s’ PL6 & Nik Color Efex Pro)


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