The Daily Post – Friday 1 September, 2023

otepuni gardens - bridge over the otepuni stream

Otepuni Gardens.

For the first time in goodness-knows-how-long, I walked through Otepuni Gardens today with the dogs, from Splash Palace to Clyde Street and back.

For the first official day of spring, I was thinking maybe daffodils for my daily photo, but then thought, no, too much of a cliche.

Instead, I have for you – ta da – a photo of the walkway bridge over the Otepuni Creek. I think it is a lovely little scene in its own right, but with a bit of help from Nik Color Efex’s Tonal Contrast adjustment, I have made the image “pop” more than it was in real life.

(Panasonic GP with 12-60 kit lens @ 30mm; ISO200; f9; 1/125s; PL6 & Nik Color Efex Pro)

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