The Daily Photo – Tuesday 29 August, 2023

the watcher

The Watcher.

I did actually go out today and snapped a few photos, one of which I was going to use for today’s Daily Photo. But out of the blue, the photo I have chosen for today popped up on my Google Photos feed.

This was taken on Anzac Day, 2015 in the outdoor dining area of what used to be the Port Royale Cafe in Port Chalmers.

Sadly, the Port Royale is no longer and there is a catering business in the premises now.

Back to the photo.

This somewhat alternative chap arrived at the cafe and sat at a table opposite us. It looks like he struck a pose for us when in actual fact I “sneaked” the photo when he wasn’t looking. I never did find out what he was looking at in the distance, hence I just called him The Watcher.

(Fujifilm XF1;  ISO400; f9; 1/480s)



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