The Daily Photo – Saturday 19 August, 2023

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Street Art – Or Graffiti?

While out shopping in the central part of town today I spotted this bit of street art art the beginning of an alleyway off Esk Street.

Although I’ve entitled this daily photo post Street Art – Or Graffiti?  I did actually wonder which it was. So, for the first time ever, I thought I’d try a bit of AI for the answer.

Here’s what the new Bing AI came up with when I asked for the difference between street art and graffiti:

…the difference between street art and graffiti is mainly based on the technique and intent of the artists. Street art tends to be image-based, whereas graffiti is more commonly word-based. Street art is also more accepted and encouraged by the public, while graffiti is often seen as vandalism and illegal. Street art aims to convey a message and engage the audience, while graffiti is mostly created for other graffiti artists in the community. However, both forms of art can be used for political and social activism, and some artists may cross the line between the two styles.

Going by what Bing says, I’d say this is art – although what message the picture is actually trying to portray I’m not sure.

(Samsung Galaxy A14; auto-mode; Kodachrome 64 emulation using Nik Color Efex Pro)

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