The Daily Photo – Tuesday 15 August, 2023

old wooden victoria avenue bridge invercargill

Bridge underbelly.

This is the underside of the old wooden Victoria Avenue bridge in Invercargill that dates from the early 1900s.

Closed now due to its state of disrepair obvious in this picture, the bridge was originally used, I understand, for transporting prisoners from Invercargill Borstal over the Waihopai River to a prison farm on the other side.

In recent months high wire mesh fencing has gone up to block access to the bridge from the city side of the river, with piles underneath clearly showing how dangerously unstable the bridge now is.

(Samsung A14 cell phone; auto ISO 25; f1.8; 1/500s; 3.86mm focal length; Nik Analog Efex.)

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