The Daily Photo – Saturday July 29, 2023

foden truck

Foden 4300 Limited.

Foden trucks were once a common sight on New Zealand roads being used for almost everything including log haulage, stock transport, fuel tankers, and general cartage.

There don’t seem to be too many hauling goods around the country today, with the final truck having rolled off the Leyland, UK, production line in July 2006.

The Foden featured in today’s daily photo sits in Solly’s Transport yard in Richmond and has clearly been laid up for some time as shown by the amount of moss and lichen which has taken hold off the cab. Zooming in on the windscreen stickers suggests that this truck – dating, I think, from the very late 1980s – was last registered for road use in January 2013.

(Panasonic Lumix G95; 12-60 kits lens; DxO Photolab 6 + Nik Analog Efex Pro)


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