The Daily Photo – Monday 25 July, 2023

bridge 1961 over the inangahua river at reefton

Reefton – population 930…

This afternoon we travelled from Murchison to Reefton – population 930 – give or take.

Reefton lies about 80km northwest of Greymouth, and is world famous for being the first town in New Zealand – in fact, the first town in the Southern Hemisphere – to have electric lighting in the town in 1888.

The population of this small West Coast settlement has hovered around the 900 to 1,000 level ever since it was founded as a gold mining centre back in the 1870s.

Today Reefton is a centre for tourism, farming, coal mining and forestry.

(Panasonic Lumix G95; 12-60 kit lens; DxO Photolab 6; Nik Silver Efex Pro)


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