The Daily Photo – Thursday July 20, 2023

night work on the jetty at port tarakohe

Today’s daily photo is a wee bit of a cheat-shot. It was actually taken last night just before 7.00pm.

In my opinion, this is a pretty remarkable photograph. Not because the subject is super cool and overwhelmingly interesting, but because it was shot handheld using my trusty Lumix G95 at an ISO of 6400!

Aperture was f5.6, shutter speed was 1/25 second, and the kit lens setting was 55mm.

The original raw file shows a fair amount of digital noise as expected, but DxO Photolab 6’s incredible DeepPRIME XD noise reduction cleaned it up incredibly well.

And as an aside, we’ve been parked up in our motorhome at Port Tarakohe watching these boats come and go all times of the day and night to unload and then load by crane, what were to us, mysterious large white bags. Curiosity got the better of me this morning so I asked the gate-keeper at the jetty what was in them.

I was surprised – “rope” he said! They are the ropes used to grow mussels on at the local mussel farms, and they are brought in and washed, then taken back out and recycled. Interesting huh?

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