The Daily Photo – Tuesday 18 July, 2023

A funny thing happened today – well, it wasn’t amusing at all really. I had been out taking photographs in and around Port Tarakohe today for the best part of a couple of hours, and when I went to upload today’s photos to my computer, they had disappeared from the camera’s SD-card – TOTALLY GONE – I know not where.

Weird – and very annoying.

I had captured what I thought might have been some good images – but alas – nothing!

So at 5.45 pm tonight, just as the light was fading quite badly, I rushed out and took a photograph of some apparently, random isolated letterboxes on the roadside at Port Tarakohe, opposite the NZMCA park.

Panasonic Lumix G95; 12-60 kit lens; ISO 1600; 1/13 sec; f9.0/Dxo Photolab 6 + Nik COlor Efex Pro.

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